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Joy is a former public school teacher, an executive with private sector experience, and a researcher with a passion for finding ways to improve our schools and improve student academic performance. Joy’s experience, dedication and passion for reform led to her appointment to the State Board of Education in January of 2012.

Joy Hofmeister Applauds State Board Action

(OKLAHOMA CITY - Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014) Today, Joy Hofmeister applauded actions taken by the State Board of Education to delay the hire of CTB/McGraw Hill as the assessment vendor for the fall.

 “The State Department of Education’s inability to find a testing vendor that meets the needs of our students is completely irresponsible,” said Hofmeister. “Awarding $2.8 million of taxpayer money to a vendor that is under investigation by our Attorney General and cannot provide basic assurances to our students, teachers, school districts and parents is ludicrous. Our students deserve assessments that accurately test their knowledge, and our teachers deserve a system that does not bring fear, unnecessary stress and technical difficulties into the classroom.

“In regards to recent hires at the state department, it is entirely inappropriate for Superintendent Barresi to make unnecessary high level staff changes of this nature when she is in office for only three more months.

“Both of these items further disrupt our system of education, back our state into a corner, and frankly appear to be more about retribution than about qualifications and standards. The people of Oklahoma have spoken, and yet Superintendent Barresi continues to abuse the power she was entrusted with four years ago.

“I applaud the board, and Representative Smalley, for leading on these critical issues.”



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