Students First

Joy is a former public school teacher, an executive with private sector experience, and a researcher with a passion for finding ways to improve our schools and improve student academic performance. Joy’s experience, dedication and passion for reform led to her appointment to the State Board of Education in January of 2012.

Janet Barresi continues to be more interested in confrontational politics than in improving schools and helping our kids to achieve excellence.

Janet Barresi is clearly taking brief comments and sentence fragments on emails out of context to make her political points. She simply wants to distract from the real issue we have highlighted this week, which is how she pushed the Obama-Barresi Common Core plan onto the students of Oklahoma.

It is despicable to use a special needs child for political gain.   I'm not surprised because this isn't the first time.  Janet Barresi wants Oklahomans to forget that she published special education students' confidential records, test scores, grades, names, and other identifiable student records on her state agency website - then refused to take them down when I challenged her as a State Board of Education member.  I sent a written request asking for her to remove these confidential special education student records from the state website for world wide consumption.  It was despicable then, and it is despicable now.

Janet Barresi also wants Oklahomans to forget that while on the state board of education, I voted to expand the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship. Janet knows I voted to approve additional schools for wider student participation and school choice options for parents.

It is also deeply offensive for Janet Barresi to mischaracterize me in this way, as I am a parent to a special education student on an IEP from K-12th grade.  I have and will continue to stand with parents in advocating for the best learning environment for their students.  I served over 15 years as a special education parent/student advocate.

I support Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship opportunity and have referred parents to the program in my professional work as well.

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