Students First

Joy is a former public school teacher, an executive with private sector experience, and a researcher with a passion for finding ways to improve our schools and improve student academic performance. Joy’s experience, dedication and passion for reform led to her appointment to the State Board of Education in January of 2012.


Mazzei becomes the 21st GOP legislator to support Hofmeister.

"Educator and business owner Joy Hofmeister understands that parents are a critical component of education, and we must involve the entire family so that our kids learn to compete internationally," Mazzei said.

"Joy can lead Oklahoma to get education reform moving forward instead of staying locked in paralysis. I wholeheartedly add my name to the growing list of Republican leaders supporting Joy Hofmeister for school superintendent," Mazzei said.

Hofmeister said she's honored to have Mazzei, who is part of the Oklahoma Senate leadership, backing her campaign. "Our momentum grows every day, as Republican leaders stand up to say it's time to return common sense conservative leadership to the state Department of Education," Hofmeister said.

Mazzei's support fulfills State Representative Todd Thomsen's prediction that more state leaders would join the group of 20 Republican state House and Senate lawmakers who are endorsing Joy Hofmeister for state school superintendent.

“I think this is only the beginning of GOP leadership calling for a new and more conservative approach. We have here today Republican lawmakers saying to parents and teachers, ‘We hear you’,” Thomsen said.

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